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Bone Conduction Swimming Earphones 16GB IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth-compatible Wireless Earbud MP3 Music Player Sport Headphone

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2021 new style True wireless bone conduction Bluetooth-compatible headset 16G memory Waterproof swimming earphone MP3/ Headset Mode

This earphone is an upgrade of x5 model, which has better underwater waterproof effect. It can swim directly in the water without a special waterproof cap.

This model is changed into key control, which solves the problem that the previous and market touch styles will touch by mistake under water (water is a conductor when touching, and it is easy to touch by mistake during operation, resulting in shutdown). Because of the integrated design of keys, the waterproof property is also enhanced.

At the charging port, other swimming bone conduction earphones are protected by waterproof caps, because the charging port is easy to oxidize in water, resulting in poor contact. Our earphone can directly enter the water, because we directly cover ten layers of metal, which greatly prolongs the service life, so the price will be a little higher.

Our shell is no longer the common plastic and oil injection technology in circulation in the market, but uses special resin, which changes the problem that other styles are easy to lose paint or darken due to sweating, etc. The shell we just bought may not be amazing, but you will find that the brighter it is, the better the texture.

This bone conduction has its own 16G memory, which can be connected with mobile phones and also supports MP3 mode (playing music alone). There are four contact points at the charging port, two for charging and two for downloading songs.

If you like to place an order, you won't be disappointed. We try our best to use the best materials. We can assure you of the quality. If there is any problem, we will return it.



Model: X6.

Products: Swimming bone conduction wireless Bluetooth headset.

Version: Bluetooth 5.3.

Memory: built-in 16G.

Weight: 25g.

Battery: 180mAh.

Charging: about 2 hours.

Life time: about 5 hours

Play: 10H&70% volume (Bluetooth mode).

Call: -42dB.

Waterproof: Fully waterproof design IP68.

Distance: Bluetooth 10m.

Input: 5V

Protocols: A2DP,AVRCP,HSP,HFP.

Package Included:

1* headphones.

1* charging line.

1* instructions.



1. unable to switch to MP3 mode: click three times quickly and rhythmically (within about 1.5 seconds); Keep songs in your headphones.

2. Unable to connect to the computer to download, check whether the charging port is clean; Whether the computer supports external devices to download songs.

3. Support swimming, but try not to contact corrosive substances such as detergents; It is recommended that the water depth should not exceed 1.5 meters, and the pressure will have an impact on the inside of the e


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